Equipment & Training

Properties that have in house staff perform pressure washing and other exterior cleaning tasks need the proper equipment to be successful. While it may seem as easy as purchasing a power washer and a few attachments, an uninformed decision can have detrimental affects on the productivity and cost of cleaning operations. Our team can design and provide the perfect equipment package that is custom suited to a facility’s needs. We take into account things like equipment mobility, environmental concerns, cleaning substrate details, noise concerns, and many other variables that should determine the best equipment setup for the task at hand.

Even the best equipment in the world is useless in the hands of untrained individuals. Much like driving a car, someone who has never been behind the wheel needs training on how the vehicle operates, rules of the road and even subtle nuances that vary from state to state. Creating a training program that is unique to the property is essential. Our training programs are streamlined and repeatable, meaning that you own the data and new staff can be trained at any time. We strive to keep things simple and not over complicate things. Our goal is not to create a well rounded cleaning technician, but to provide the simplest form of training for a specific application or property.

The combination of the training and equipment packages we offer is recipe for success. Essentially, we remove the guesswork. We all know that an error in equipment purchase or property damage can be costly. The best approach is to “do it right the first time” and enjoy the cost savings of implementing an effective solution to exterior cleaning needs